Privacy policy

Last updated January 13th 2022

For the purposes of this document, "We", "our", and "" refers to this website, its API, and its administrators. "You" and "user" refers to any person or robot visiting this website.

Your privacy

We care and respect your right to privacy, and only store data we believe we have legitimate uses for. We have made every effort to ensure that we are compliant with privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and PECR.

Types of data we collect

Logging: stores logs when users make requests to and its associated API. Data logs are restricted to IP address, request path, and time/date. All logs older than 7 days are automatically deleted in the interests of data minimization. We will only use logs data in exceptional circumstances which we believe to be reasonable, such as to defend against attacks against our servers. Logging IP addresses for the legitimate purpose of security is a widespread practice and does not conflict with privacy regulations.

Analytics: we use the open source Plausible Analytics software routed through our stats subdomain to count website visits etc. All analytics data collected is publicly available on All site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously and in aggregate only. Analytics data collected is limited to:

For more information about analytics data, see the Plausible Data Policy. Please note that servers, not Plausible, store and process our analytics data.

Voluntarily-submitted information: collects and retains information voluntarily submitted to us. For logged-in users, this includes basic GitHub profile information such as name, email, and avatar. For all users, data submitted on the new scratch page and saved in the scratch editor will be stored and linked to your session.

Cookies: uses a single persistent authentication cookie used to link voluntarily-submitted information to your session on our site. If you are logged in, this cookie will link your session to your account on We do not show any 'cookie banners' or 'privacy popups' on because we do not use any third-party or analytics cookies.

How data is stored and used does not sell, rent, or mine user information under any circumstances.'s servers are located in Finland. which means that we will transfer, process, and store your information there. In very extreme cases, such as if required by police or other government agencies, data may be disclosed.

Analytics data is used to prioritise what site features and fixes should be worked on and to let us determine features which are popular or unpopular.

Voluntarily-submitted information is used to provide vital site features such as user profile pages and the scratch editor. We also reserve the right to use any and all voluntarily-submited information for improving existing decompilation tools and developing new ones. This will not involve sharing information with third parties.

We make every effort to keep your data secure. In the case of a breach, we will notify you and take appropriate action, such as revoking GitHub OAuth tokens. Please note that our servers never receive or store user passwords.

How to request your data or delete it

If you want us to delete some or all data linked to you, please contact us via our Discord server or GitHub Issues. You may also want to disassociate your GitHub account with

You may contact us through the same channels linked above if you would like to request a copy of all data linked to you. Similarly, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this document.